Their safe secure yard

Our first standard poodle, Kallista's Azure Allure, graced our lives in 1997, and it's been a love affair with the breed ever since. Thank you Marlene Miller of Kallista poodles for trusting in, and allowing us, the opportunity to watch the line move on and make you proud.

Our goal will always be to better the breed and to help reach that, our poodles are tested for genetically transmitted diseases of hips (OFA/PENN) eyes (CERF), Skin (SA), Blood workup for Thyroid and other important counts, as well as testing for Neonatal ... before researching pedigrees of the same. There is no line of living creatures totally free of genetic problems, including humans, but the occurrence of health issues can be clearly decreased by careful and discerning breeding. A lot of study goes into  researching pedigrees, on paper, but what is also important, is that the dog is of sound temperament and intelligence as well.  We want to raise puppies that are easy to live with and be just right for families of all types.  Along with that, we feel it is important to diversify the gene pool as much as possible by integrating  new lines and not just using the popular stud at the time. For this reason, we purchased a wonderful black female (Kia) from the Czech Republic and more recently, along with fellow responsible breeders, a Russian cream male puppy.  He is growing into a fine, smart young dog, passing all his health tests super well.  He is enjoying some performance venues too. We look forward to using him, at some point, in our programs as he has much to offer our breed.

Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment- in which only 2 adult dogs live. This allows the mother to have a peaceful atmosphere in which to raise her babies.  The pups have constant exposure to the happenings that are found in most households, full of activities and sounds.  From birth, we use the Bio Sensor neurological stimulation exercises as well as other handling experiences each day.  They are also raised on a natural diet, similar to BARF.  They are weaned to real and fresh food, meat and bones.  We feel this helps eliminate food allergies when they are adults, being fed a variety of human grade protein sources. When ready, they have access to a safe clean yard where they can explore open spaces, strengthening and protecting their growing bones.  We also provide a new experience each day to expand their thought processes.  Their play yard allows their senses different types and textures of ground cover, also important in their development. Yard accessories and toys are put out for extra stimulation and game playing.  Socializing involves visits from children of different ages, visits with kitty cats as well as puppy buyers are always welcome to visit.  At 7 weeks puppies are given a puppy aptitude test that identifies the individual disposition and helps ensure that each puppy is placed in the best suited home.  The test results will show willingness to retrieve, follow, forgive, and think for themselves, as well as their reaction to strange sights and sounds. It can be a good indicator of their personality and temperament as adults.  During their 'stay' they are given a few car trips to help familiarize them with the vehicle's motion.  Dr Jean Dodd's vaccine protocol is started at 9 weeks old, using separate injections, allowing their bodies time to handle the intrusion.  (Extra immune support/boosting starts 2 weeks before the first vaccine) House and crate training is well started before they leave for their new homes.  They'll have had grooming sessions here with me once a week, and a professional groom before leaving. Our puppies are sold with a written health and temperament guarantee contract. Pet puppies registered 'Limited', not for breeding purposes with contract stating spay/neutering must be done by 12 months of age.  Also puppies come with a wonderful packet full of information for you as well as fun goodies for your pup.

Our hope for you is that your life be enriched with this new special friend to share it with.  Standard poodles are very versatile and social and they need you! They want to do things with you, be it walks in a park, hikes in the mountains, or games of chase with you.  You will find they are wonderful for Obedience competitions, Rally, Agility, Fly ball, Therapy and Showing. We offer refunds after proof that an obedience course has been taken, as well as money back for every title you put on your pup. 

Our love for each Desert Reef puppy sanctions that for any reason, if they are no longer able to live with you they will be most welcomed back.  The contract will state so. 

Our commitment to you.... we are here for you 24/7. By adopting one of our puppies, you will be linked to us as extended family.  We will be available for any questions or concerns... and help give counsel whenever needed.  Your puppy is a long term investment and a loved companion  Being your breeder we are here for your support for the life of your pup.  We also would appreciate photos from time to time and encourage you to share events that happen in their lives. We will always care about their well being.

From the desert reefs....
to the seas.... our poodles have a fun life!