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Desert Reef's Dulce Derecha Kotu's CGCA TKI 

Ch Kaylen's 5-Star Mister Right

A blue female is available!

Ch Munaut Strut My Stuff X Desert Reef's Justifying A Journey 

A blue female is available!

Desert Reef's I Get Around X Sterling Desert Reef's Beau Montague

A white female is available!

In Washington State- Co breeder has… 

Desert Reef's Ursae Minoris X Ch Njoy Riders On The Storm  

One white male and one white female


After living on the California coast of Ventura for years, we have moved to the flea free desert!  We love living in the quaint community of St George, just a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas. We also enjoy cooler temperatures, and recreation, at our acreage near Capitol Reef National Park.  We've discovered there are many beautiful things in the state of Utah, so the poodles fit right in!

We are a small scale breeding program with a big heart for this most versatile, affectionate and intelligent breed of dogs.  We are dedicated to breed and raise happy, healthy and well adjusted puppies, with temperament and health top priorities... being  good looking happens to complete the perfect package!  Our goal is to improve upon the accomplishments of breeders before us, producing dogs that model the AKC Standard of Excellence, yet never forgetting they are meant to be beloved pet companions. 

Health and wellness is an important factor in rearing our poodles.  We treat as naturally possible, feeding and using only the best (and safest) food, products and care.  My daughter has a local natural pet food store, Bone Appetit!  Our dogs and puppies reap the many benefits!

Browse our site, get to know a little about us and our 'family members'.
We make several trips, each year, to Southern California, so feel free to ask about the timing of a puppy transportation.

Karen and the Desert Poods

Video clip taken June 27th, 2010.... 100+ degrees and still playing!
Grace, white standard, is Ari's daughter and she's funning with Amelia, AJ and Ava...
who are Ari's grandchildren.
*** I should add.... Grace had 4 week old puppies in the house!***