Here are our wonderful dogs...
You'll see pictures of them throughout the site as well, many on the 'showing' page.
Some of our poodles live with us
while others are enjoying a cozy home with friends and co-owners. 
By clicking on a photo you will be able to view their pedigree.

Desert Reef's Argent Arianne

This lovely silver girl is Ari, from Aja's second and last litter of pups.  Ari is loved by everyone. 
Her excellent demeanor and sweet nature continues to be seen in her puppies,
especially the males who are such love bugs! Her two sets of 'grand kids' are quickly melting hearts too.
I didn't think any dog would be more obedient than Aja... but Ari is awfully close. She is also 'daddy's girl'. 
Update: She was 'retired' a while ago... still healthy at 11 years old...  and has become a great grandma!
She did enjoy her duties as grandma here, until she was called to bring joy to another.
Ari loves her new life as the 'one and only' with Sydney in Pasadena.  She has been traveling with her,
getting to see lots of sites, as well as loads of human grandkids! She has a great purpose, and we are so proud of her never failing love and devotion to her new owner.  Thank you too, Syd!

Kallista Myles Of DesertReef

Myles... is such an awesome dog!  He is a great ambassador for the breed
and has changed many a 'manly' mind about owning a poodle. 
Most days he's greeting customers at Bone Appetit!
I'm asked, time and time again, how can I get my dog to be like him? 
Honestly, first you need to start with a standard poodle!
Myles is 25 1/2" and 65# ... very male yet as sweet as they come!

Update: Myles is now 11 years old,  has been neutered and is enjoying his retirement living in Colorado Springs with his fabulous new mommy, Wendy.  He is actively training his new companion, one of Ava's little daughters... Dharma.  Boy, he has his work cut out for him!

U-Ch Desert Reef's Silver Addition